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South Staffordshire Plc Annual Report 2018

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South Staffordshire Water PLC:

South Staffordshire Water PLC is a water only company, supplying around 1.6 million customers in the South Staffordshire and Cambridge regions. The business bills customers for sewage services on behalf of both Severn Trent Water and Anglian Water Services. The businesses within South Staffordshire Water PLC include:

South Staffs Water

South Staffs Water supplies high quality drinking water to approximately 1.3 million people and approximately 35,000 commercial customers over 1,500 square km in the West Midlands, South Staffordshire, South Derbyshire, North Warwickshire and North Worcestershire areas. ( More... )

Cambridge Water

Cambridge Water provides excellent quality, underground water that is pumped from boreholes to an area which includes Cambridge and extends to Ramsey in the north, Gamlingay in the west, Balsham in the east and Melbourn in the south. ( More... )

SSI Services:

SSI Services is the specialist contracting division of South Staffordshire Plc, it provides a broad range of specialist services from design through installation, testing and repair to long term maintenance contracts. The businesses within SSI Services include:

Integrated Water Services

Integrated Water Services (IWS) provides a comprehensive range of specialist water treatment, engineering and clean water network management and rehabilitation services, relating to the abstraction, storage, treatment, pumping, distribution and utilisation of water. ( More... )


Part of SSI Services (UK) Ltd, Hydrosave operates an extensive range of field based technical inspection and audit services, operational consultancy, analysis of customer data sets, performance measurement, condition assessment and optimisation strategies. ( More... )

G Stow

G Stow specialises in water wells, geothermal drilling and water supply boreholes. Services include – consultancy, feasibility, geophysical surveys, drilling and construction of water supply boreholes, geothermal ground source heating, test and measurement, distribution pipelines, water storage tanks, supply and installation of pumps and switchgear. ( More... )


OnSite provides a wide range of specialist services and solutions associated with wastewater management to Water and Sewerage Companies (WASCs), other major infrastructure owners and industrial clients. ( More... )

Omega Red

Omega Red is a specialist installation, testing and maintenance contractor, operating within the electrical earthing and lightning protection market. The business focuses on providing top quality safety-critical services for the protection of people, buildings and infrastructure. ( More... )


Advanced Engineering Solutions Limited (AES) was acquired by SSI Services in October 2017. AES is a specialist pipeline and pipeline equipment engineering business which has core expertise in Mechanical, Material, Electronics and Software Engineering. Based on a blend of applied consultancy, engineering development activities and specialist technical operations, AES provides high quality engineering services to pipeline operators and suppliers. ( More... )


Echo Managed Services

Echo Managed Services provides customer contact management, as well as billing, revenue management and collection services, including its proprietary Rapid Xtra billing software and its newly introduced credit intelligence solution.

Rapid Xtra is the leading customer contact management and billing software for the water industry.( More... )

Inter-Credit International

Inter-Credit International is a specialist debt collection agency. The business has over 40 years experience in credit management and debt collection and specialises in UK and worldwide account collection, sales ledger management, tracing services and status reporting. ( More... )

Grosvenor Services Group

Grosvenor Services Group was formed in August 1998 to offer debt recovery and debtor tracing solutions and continues to be one of the leading debt collection agencies in the utilities and financial services industries.( More... )

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