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Echo Managed Services provides customer process management services in UK and Ireland regulated markets. Echo provides customer contact management, as well as billing, revenue management and collection services, including its proprietary Rapid Xtra billing software and its Credit Intelligence solution.

Echo's customer billing and contact handling services for UK water customers cover a population of over five million UK inhabitants and deal with over 3.75 million calls a year. Its recovery processes and collection activities currently bill over £0.5 billion per annum. In addition, Echo currently runs and manages customer databases covering over 2 million billing contacts for seven UK Water Companies.

A track record of smooth implementations, specialist consultancy and market leading customer service all highlight Echo's reliability.

As a mid-sized service provider with a highly focused sector and service specialty, Echo is engaged in several long-term and high profile customer relationships. This combination of sector specialty, commitment and stability sets it apart from other service providers.

At the heart of the Echo strategy is the ability to understand the challeges faced by clients and work in partnership to address them.
Echo Managed Services
Green Lane
0845 12 12 122

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