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Part of SSI Services (UK) Ltd, Hydrosave operates an extensive range of field based technical inspection and audit services, operational consultancy, analysis of customer data sets, performance measurement, condition assessment and optimisation strategies.

Customers include regulated utilities, asset managers, consultants and main contractors focused on optimisation, the efficient use, maintenance and management of below and above ground critical infrastructure.

Services include - pipeline leak detection; installation and maintenance of 24/7 monitored networks; specialist camera inspections; corrosion condition assessment (non-destructive and laboratory); asset inspection and forensic assessment; seized valve release; valve torque assessment; demand and customer analytics; water quality maintenance; water conservation; strategy and policy support; product development and partnering of new inspection and survey technologies.

Hydrosave assesses the performance, the risks and the remaining asset life of critical infrastructure.
Swallow Court
Venture Park, Kettering
Northants, NN15 6XX
01536 515110

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