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OnSite is a long-established company, respected throughout the water industry with vast experience in surveying, managing and maintaining the industry's assets. Through a single point of contact, OnSite can provide engineering-based services dealing with many aspects of the water and wastewater cycle.

These services includeCCTV and man entry sewer surveys,sewer flow surveys,UV lining pipeline repair and maintenance, 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

OnSite is based at Worcester, Swindon, Maidstone, Challow, Nottingham, Tipton, Worksop and Stirling and works for the majority of the UK water and sewerage companies.

Based out of Worcester, through its Portadam division, OnSite also specialises in the installation of portable temporary dam systems providing dry, safe environments for clients whose works are directly affected by water such as structures adjacent to lakes, canals or rivers.

From its Nottingham office, Onsite is also able to offer a comprhensive range of services, including special concrete repairs, structural waterproofing, grit blasting and leak sealing, in addition to trenchless technology, directional drilling and pipe bursting.

Onsite's Rail division works both on or near the track and at a wide variety of property facilties, including stations and depots.

89 Blackpole West
Blackpole, Worcester
01905 340054

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